Princeton Gavel
Legal Intelligence



What is it?

Princeton Gavel uses artificial intelligence (AI) to discover the true value of legal cases, enabling attorneys to make optimal settlement decisions.

How does it work?

Princeton Gavel uses artificial intelligence to process thousands of legal case files and create high-performance algorithms. Its models utilize discrete and narrative inputs, thus rendering the approach user-friendly but also sensitive to the nuances and intricacies of legal matters.

How does it benefit you?

Princeton Gavel represents a significant advance in creating legal technology that yields actual and measurable results: increased revenue and greater efficiency.

Princeton Gavel’s software:

  1. improves decision making at the intake stage;

  2. guides decision making at the resolution stage;

  3. and integrates seamlessly within existing workflows, while offering the efficiencies and advantages of up-to-the-minute technological advances without requiring assistance from IT personnel.


Good attorneys + good legal tech AI

always arrive at better answers

than either attorneys or AI can reach on their own.